Visual Identity

This Logo and business card was made as a part one of a visual identity package for a new started business, dealing with B2B trading from eastern Europe and China to Western Europe and US.

The most important thing was to make an identity the owner of the business could relate to. That his company could reflect his visions and what he stands for. Furthermore the visual identity should illustrate the flow of trade from East to West, progress and growth as well as a professional and trustworthy trading and company.

The Solution became a more traditional logo style, which best suited the owner, with a combination of text and symbol. The “D” gives the illusion of the trading around the world from East to West, while ending in an up-going arrow, represents growth and progress. The dark blue colour symbolises seriousness, business and trustworthiness .

The logo was the main part of the business cards, where the up going arch from the D, is used to enhance the illustration of movement, progress and growth.


  • Visual Identity
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